Friday, July 13, 2007

British wedding guest from Canada turns up a year early

Teacher Dave Barclay flew thousands of miles across the Atlantic to Wales to attend his friend's wedding, only to discover he was a year early.

Barclay, 34, was told about the wedding earlier in the year and assumed it was to take place in 2007. It was only when he had flown into Cardiff from Toronto, Canada, and rang the bridegroom seeking details of the venue that he discovered the wedding was in 2008.

The groom, Dave Best, had emailed his friend at the start of the year. He simply mentioned the date – July 6th – and Dave Barclay assumed it was in this year.

Barclay, who has been teaching in Toronto for three years spent 500 pounds ($1,015) on his premature flight.

At least it's assured him a mention in the wedding speeches next year.