Thursday, July 19, 2007

In Big Apple, Botox over lunch...

Busy New Yorkers a bit worse for wear need only a lunch-time to look better, thanks to a drop-in Botox salon.

In the latest quick-fix indulgence for people on the run, a Botox-only boutique has opened off ritzy Park Avenue where shoppers and harried professionals can walk in for a jab of Botox to smooth away facial lines and be out within 30 minutes.

Plastic surgeons Andrew Elkwood and Michael Rose opened New York's first Botox boutique, Smoothmed, after realising their cosmetic surgery practice contained a group of people who wanted Botox but didn't want to wait for the five to ten-minute injections.

"In a lot of respects, the taboo of cosmetic surgery is leaving society, especially the injectables," Elkwood said. "What we wanted to do was make it very accessible, take it very seriously but give, administer it, in a comfortable atmosphere. A salon-like atmosphere. We do all the worrying on the back end."

Elkwood says patients' medical histories are reviewed before any treatment and all women are given a pregnancy test to ensure it is safe before receiving any shots of Botox, which is regarded by some as the fountain of youth