Saturday, November 3, 2007

Crocodile arrested for chasing fishermen...

An "aggressive" crocodile spent a night behind bars at a remote Australian police station after being "arrested" for having a go at a group of fishermen.

The fisherman told police they were retrieving their vessel from a boat ramp at the Nhulunbuy Yacht Club in eastern Arnhem Land when they spotted the crocodile in the water on November 1st.

The aggressive animal then "had a go at them", the fishermen were quoted as saying.

They alerted police in the small mining town on the Gove Peninsular east of Darwin and warnings were broadcast on local radio until the reptile was captured by wildlife officers in shallow water about 30m from the ramp.

The fiesty animal was then put in the Nhulunbuy police station watch house for the night, police said, adding the reptile was to be released from its cell shortly and moved to a crocodile farm.