Tuesday, April 22, 2008

US woman uploads divorce rant to YouTube...

YouTube sure has entered people's lives in a 'big' way - a woman has uploaded her divorce rant to the video-sharing website, making it the world's first YouTube divorce writ to millions of people.

The video, by New York's sometime actor and playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith, 52, has attracted 2.9 million viewers and offers to appear on US TV shows such as Today and The View.

The video, in which Walsh-Smith shows tearful ranting about her sexless marriage to a man 24 years her senior, attracted more than 7000 comments on YouTube, which were almost all scathing.

Many comments criticize her as a narcissistic gold-digger who has given her husband ample grounds for divorce.

Her emotional and tearful six-minute rant was apparently recorded in a fit of pique in an attempt to humiliate her estranged husband, Broadway producer Philip Smith.

"We never had sex. He said it was because he had high blood pressure," News.com.au quoted her, as stating.

"Then last year I found Viagra, porn movies and condoms," she added.

She complains bitterly that her husband plans to leave his 64 million dollars fortune to his adult daughters and that he wants to evict her from their nine-room Manhattan apartment.

"I am an idiot, I am the biggest f...ing idiot in the world," she cried.

Walsh-Smith found "a girl with a camera" in the phone book and taped the YouTube monologue after being served with an eviction notice.

"I decided that if I was going to go down, I'd go down screaming," she said.