Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nagging really does wonders on men

Women who think that they are wasting their time and energy nagging their husbands should reassess their opinion, for a new study has found that nagging does work on men.

The study by US researchers found that the mental fatigue generated by a continuous stream of questions or orders leaves men susceptible to persuasion.

In other words, the researchers say, it leaves most males too tired to oppose.

In one experiment, the researchers tried to convince a group of students to sanction one month's summer holiday rather than three.

Half the students came to the study fresh, while the other half given a mentally-draining task ahead of time were more willing to sacrifice two months of holiday, the researchers found.

The team says that other tips to win over your man include not wavering when making your pitch ums and ahs sound less convincing not giving too many choices and meeting face to face.

Moreover, flattery and mirroring the body language of the person being persuaded also helps in convincing the person.

"Avoid engaging in argument or doing battle with sales people when your mental batteries are low. Or, if you are trying to be persuasive, strike when your target is low on mental energy," New Scientist quoted the researchers, as saying.