Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chinese cabbie helps thief rob own home...

A Chinese cabbie unwittingly became the getaway car driver for a thief who robbed his own home.

Shen, of Huainan city, picked up the passenger at a bus stop at around 3 am and helped him load the things he was carrying into the boot of the cab.

That was when he noticed the man also had in his possession a fish without a tail - just like the one waiting in the freezer at Shen's home, reports the Daily Telegraph.

"I noticed he had a fish without a tail, and I thought how much it looked like the fish in my freezer at home. But then I laughed at myself for even having the thought," he said.

He put it down to freaky coincidence.

However, when he returned home, he was not prepared for the sight waiting for him.

He revealed that he had found his house broken into and his possessions - including the tail-less fish - missing.

Police later arrested a 56-year-old man who faces charges of burglary and theft.