Saturday, June 14, 2008

Laughing over comedy show lands man in jail

A man who fell off the sofa while laughing too hard at a comedian on TV had to spend a night naked in a cell.

Chris Cocker from Blackburn, Australia, laughed so hard while watching a BBC TV's Have I Got News For You that he fell off the sofa, but the thud vexed a neighbour, who in turn called the police.

"I fell off the settee in hysterics and hit the floor and got myself up and started carrying on watching the telly and the next thing I know there was a knock on the door," Brisbane Times quoted Cocker, as telling BBC.

It was the police, but Mr Cocker was not happy to see them and refused to co-operate.

"The bit where I lost it the most was when I shut the door and the policeman had stuck his foot in the doorway and was refusing to let me shut my own front door," he added.

The police was forced to pepper-sprayed Cocker, bundled him into a police van and take him to a police station where he said he was stripped naked and made to spend a night in a jail cell

However, Lancashire Police said the officers used the pepper spray after fearing for their safety when Mr Cocker became aggressive.