Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dog guards owner's body for six weeks

A German shepherd dog stayed by the body of its owner for six weeks after he committed suicide in remote grasslands in Colorado, The Denver Post has reported.

The loyal dog, named Cash, survived by eating mice and rabbits, and apart from being dehydrated and skinny, was found to be in good shape, the report has said.

The dog, still guarding her owner Jake Baysinger, 25, was found last Sunday by a rancher checking his cattle. Baysinger went missing June 28 and is now believed to have shot himself in the head the day he left.

The report quoted investigators as saying that the dog probably kept coyotes from eating her owner's body.

"She's been such a good dog. I knew that if she was there, she was doing her best to take care of Jake," said Baysinger's wife, Sara Baysinger.

The family credits Cash for helping authorities find the missing man and helping to bring closure to the family.

"At least we know it's over now. We'd been looking for my husband for six weeks, and this isn't how we wanted it to end, at least we can close this," Sara Baysinger said.

"It was a relief to know that there's an end and that we still have a part of Jake."