Friday, August 1, 2008

Naked war breaks out between Germany and Poland

Decades after the Second World War, the Germans and Poles are at war again. This time, it's a “naked” battle.

A resort shared by Germany and Poland has sparked a row between citizens of the two countries after Polish sunbathers objected to Germans stripping off on the famous Usedom beach.

While Germans love nothing more than letting it all hang out in the sunshine, it's the opposite for the Poles who prefer to cover up and keep their modesty.

According to leading German website , the liberal Germans are outraged by their Polish neighbours and their conservative ways. They have vowed to hang on to their freedom by simply refusing to cover up any of their white bits.

“It's a nudist beach. It's terrible that the Poles come overdressed and stare,” British newspaper Daily Star quoted 44-year-old German Elke Bernholz as telling the popular portal.

Added fellow German Ines Mller: “You feel like an ape in a zoo. The Poles come with their binoculars, stare and swear.”

But, Poles think that the proud Germans have no shame. “It's horrible. We would never bathe naked. We are Catholic,” said 28-year-old Anja, a resident of Poland.

However, authorities hope to put an end to the saucy war by displaying signs in both languages clearly explaining which areas are naked and which are not.