Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two-timing US woman has twins from 2 men

An American mother was left dumbstruck after she found out that she had incredibly conceived her twin sons from two different fathers.

Mia of Dallas, Texas, gave birth to babies Justin and Jordan, now 11-months-old, just seven minutes apart and undertook a paternity test after finding the two looking very unalike. The 20-year-old faced a jaw dropping moment after tests showed that there was a 99.999% chance that the boys did not have the same father.

Mia confessed to having cheated on partner James Harrison with another lover at the time she conceived. Stunned medics told her different eggs were fertilised by each man within a very short time of each other — a million-to-one condition, which made the twins, in reality, half-brothers.

Mia further revealed that her partner James had decided to raise both the kids as his own despite her affair.

Mia is about to become a mum again, but this time she has assured that there was “no question” that James was the father.