Thursday, October 25, 2007

After 27 years, US couple gets wedding photos...

Karen and Mark Cline of Mansfield, USA, were teenagers when they got married and didn't have $150 to pay a photographer for their wedding photos.

But now they have the pictures, just in time for their 27th anniversary on Thursday.

Their photographer located Karen Cline last week at the diner where she works and surprised her with a photo album.

"About a month ago, I was just cleaning out some of my old things and I found it," said photographer Jim Wagner, who is now 80. "I knew she didn't have any money back then, and I just thought she might like to have it."

It was too much for Karen Cline. "I just stood there and cried and cried and hugged him," she said.

She said she was 18 at the time, and felt heartsick because she and her husband, who was 19, could not afford to pay Wagner. All they had was a single photo that someone else took.

Wagner said he was able to track down Karen Cline after running into her stepfather a few weeks ago. He said she immediately wrote him a check for $150 (euro 105.41).