Saturday, October 27, 2007

Graveyard marriage for Ohio couple...

As well-wishing zombies and witches looked on, a couple got married at a haunted house where they work in Berea, Ohio, USA.

Tina Milhoane, 22, and Robert Seifer III, 24, exchanged vows on October 24th at the entrance to the haunted house's outdoor cemetery.

The groom made his entry in a hearse, emerging from a coffin borne by six pallbearers.

"It's weird watching your son get out of a coffin," said his father, Robert Seifer II. "Usually when you see someone in a coffin, they're going the other way - in, not out."

The minister, clad as the Grim Reaper, read The Lord's Prayer from a scroll clutched in bony-gloved hand.

"This is the sweetest wedding that I've ever been to," said co-worker Tim Perrien, his face caked in make-up. His date, Jessica Repas, was dripping with blood as the lead character in the horror move "Carrie".

The last word on the subject (see comment) has come in from the bride: "This was a very 'typical' wedding in a very 'unique' location"...Here's wishing the the newly weds a very long and happy married life!