Saturday, September 13, 2008

11month baby girl helps unconscious mum by answering cell phone!

Eleven-month-old British baby girl Amelia Boyle might not be old enough understand what cellular phones are meant for, but she recently helped raise the alarm that her mother had collapsed unconscious by using a mobile.

Millie, as the baby is lovingly called, picked up the ringing mobile and answered the call when her mother Elizabeth, 20, fainted in the hall of their home.

The dialler was Millie's grandmother Linda Wright, who knew that the baby was not allowed to play with the cell phone.

She immediately understood that something wrong might have happened with Elizabeth, who has a history of fainting and fitting, and dialled 999.

Elizabeth woke up in her home in Braintree, Essex, to hear police and ambulance crews at her door.

Though she told the police that had not called them, the officers broke down the door to get in and help.

A few minutes later three paramedics arrived to examine her, but she did not need hospital treatment.

"I went upstairs to get Millie some clothes. I came downstairs again and I was going to get her dressed up as normal. She was crawling around playing with some toys when I suddenly fainted between the hallway and the living room blocking the stairway," the Telegraph quoted Elizabeth as saying.

"My mum phoned me back on the home phone and when she didn't get through, she tried on the mobile, then the home phone again.

"I am so lucky to have Millie.

"Millie does not seem to be fazed by it. She must have watched me open the phone - she is not usually allowed to play with it because she tends to stick it in her mouth.

"She is a very clever little girl. I was proud of her anyway but now she is even more special," she added.

Her mother said: "If Millie hadn't answered the phone, I wouldn't have known what had happened."