Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hotel guest slapped with 5,700 pounds bill for 27-hour sex hotline chat!

A London hotel guest raked up a whopping bill of 5,700 pounds - after spending 27 hours on a premium sex hotline.

Anthony M, 22, however, could not pay his bill after checking out of the hotel.

According to the police, he is the same man wanted in Hannover since February, where he checked into a local hotel and "forgot" to pay the bill upon leaving.

However, Anthony, from Leverkusen, said he couldn't keep track of time while on phone.

"I was sitting in my hotel at night and suddenly became horny, so I called a sex hotline. I did not keep track of time, it was like a movie. I just kept going," the Sun quoted him, as saying.

And after the hotel workers came to know about the horrific bill, they came to Anthony's door seeking an explanation.

"They said I have good stamina," he explained proudly.

Later, he was also quizzed by police, but Anthony's lawyer Burkhard Benecken blamed the hotel.

"The hotel exhibited substantial negligence. If you do not limit guests from accessing high-cost sex hotlines, then you are being careless and should be responsible for any damages," he said.