Monday, September 22, 2008

The Lady's manor in Britain that was turned into a brothel!

A Brit couple, claiming to help people with sex life 'problems', secretly ran a porn club at their cottage on an aristocrat's estate.

The film starred Louise Loder, 30, having sex with a variety of men and she ran the Cleopatra Club with partner Stephen Warr, 51 - charging members a monthly rate.

They also fitted out the cottage with a pole-dancing stage and cubicles.

Now, Lady Charlotte Townshend is asking the tenants to leave after learning orgies were filmed in the cottage.

Managers of the 15,000-acre Melbury Estate in Dorset have got a court order to evict the couple and their two kids.

"Lady Charlotte thinks we're disgusting. But we did nothing illegal. She's a snob," the Sun quoted Louise, as saying.