Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big bums and felony don't mix!

A man in Germany prevented a bank from being looted by the same woman robber for the second time when he recognised her enormous bottom, and called the police.

Police officials in Norf have revealed that Sandra Meiser had fled with 28,000 dollars when she robbed the bank for the first time.

Witnesses at the time had suggested that the armed raider was a woman with "very large" backside, they say.

According to them, a 61-year-old man saw the same bottom as they stood in a queue at the same branch weeks later.

"He called the police and they arrested her and found her ski mask and handgun in her jacket. He said he recognised her bottom straight away - he'd never forget something that big," the Daily Telegraph quoted a worker as saying.

Meiser is facing up to 10 years in jail on robbery and firearms charges, while the witness has landed a 10,000-dollar reward.