Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gypsy predicted Brit couple's 4mln Pounds lottery win!

A British couple in England have clinched an over four-million-pound lottery win following the prediction by a gypsy.

Gary and Ann Henry of Coronation, near Bishop Auckland, said that an old lady claiming to be a gypsy had come to their roadside burger bar, and predicted the imminent win.

"It was about two weeks ago and it was a horrible wet day. This little old lady, who looked as though she was aged in her 70s came into the bar. She told me some things about my family that were spot on. She also said I was going to have a win on the lottery," the Telegraph quoted Ann, 50, as saying.

"She said she could see the number four but didn't know how many noughts were after it. She said it was maybe 4,000 pounds. She said she was a true gypsy and that she would be back in the area around Christmas time to see if it had come true.

"She said a lot of people claim to be gypsies but that she really was. I do believe in things like this but I didn't really think much of it. We always play the lottery anyway, it wasn't as if I rushed out to buy a ticket," Ann added.

The win, however, turned out to be bitter sweet for the couple, for Henry's brother Jeff Smith lost his life to liver cancer on the same day as they won the lottery.

Husband Gary, 47, a Lib Dem councillor with Wear Valley District Council, said: "There were mixed emotions because just that morning Jeff died. We felt a little bit guilty that we wanted to celebrate in the circumstances."

He revealed: "The main thing I want to do with the money is to build my own house. We will both be cutting back on working and one of my sons and one of Ann's will look after the snack bar."